Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Take the shot.
• Use the LCD monitor to compose close-ups
in macro mode since the parallax
phenomenon may cause images composed
with the optical viewfinder to be off-center.
• The exposure may not be optimal when the
flash is used in macro mode in the range of
16 to 26 cm (6.3 to 10.2 in.).
 : Available
 : Available, but cannot be changed after taking
the first shot
  _   : Not available
Using the Focus Lock
The following types of subject may not be
suited to autofocus photography. Use the
focus lock in these situations.
• Subjects with extremely low contrast to
the surroundings
• Subjects with extremely bright objects at
the center of the composition
• Subjects that are moving quickly
• Subjects through glass
Try to shoot as close to the glass as
possible to reduce the chances of light
reflecting back off the glass.
How to Use the Focus Lock
Aim the camera so that a subject at
the same focal distance as the main
subject is centered in the brackets in
the optical viewfinder.
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