Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Compose the next shot,
taking care to overlap the
previous image.
• Minor discrepancies in the overlapping
portions can be corrected when the
images are stitched together.
• If you are not satisfied with the previous
shot, you can use 
 button to
return to that shot and reshoot it.
Take additional shots for the
panorama in the same way.
You can take as many as 26 images.
After taking the final image,
press the SET button.
• You can adjust the following settings before
taking the first shot: zoom, flash (On, Off, or
Slow-synchro only), self-timer, macro or
infinity mode, exposure compensation,
white balance, resolution, and compression.
These settings are locked in after the first
image, and cannot be changed for
subsequent shots.
• Auto and red-eye reduction flash modes
and digital zoom are not available when
shooting in Stitch Assist mode.
PowerShot A20 users 
: It is not possible to
display images on the TV monitor when
shooting in Stitch Assist mode.
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