Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Read This First
Please Read
Test Shots
Before you shoot images of subjects of importance to you, we strongly recommend that you shoot
several trial images to confirm that you are operating the camera correctly. Please note that Canon, its
subsidiaries and affiliates, and distributors of its digital cameras are not liable for any consequential
damages arising from any malfunction of the Canon digital camera or CompactFlash™ card (CF card)
resulting in the failure of an image to be recorded or to be recorded in a format that is machine
Warning Against Copyright Infringement
Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and must be used in a manner
that respects international and domestic copyright laws and regulations. Please be advised that in
certain cases the copying of images from performances, exhibitions, or commercial properties by
means of a camera or other device may contravene copyright or other legal rights even if the image
was recorded for personal use.
Warranty Limitations
This camera’s warranty is only effective in the country of sale. If a problem arises while the camera is
in use abroad, please convey it back to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to
a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.
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