Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Connect the direct interface
cable to the printer and to the
When disconnecting the cable from the
camera’s Digital terminal, be sure to hold the
connector at its sides and pull it straight out.
Digital Terminal
• Two direct interface cables are included
with the Card Photo Printer CP-10. Use
only the DIF-100 cable with 
 mark on
the connector (The Digital Camera Photo
Printer Kit CPK-A10 includes the Direct
Interface Cable DIF-100 only.).
• When connecting the cable to the
camera’s Digital terminal, connect the
cable end marked 
 to the Digital
terminal. Ensure that the 
 mark faces
the rear of the camera (monitor side).
Direct Interface Cable DIF-100
The camera power is turned
on and set the mode dial to
If the printer is correctly connected, the
 icon will appear on the LCD
• For information about how to load paper
and ink cassettes into the printer, refer to
the printer’s 
User Guide
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