Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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The video output signal can be switched (NTSC or PAL) to accommodate different regional
standards (
 p. 85). The default setting will vary between regions.
NTSC: Japan, U.S. A., Canada, Taiwan, etc.  PAL: Europe, Asia (excluding Taiwan), Oceania, etc.
Connecting the Camera to a TV Set
The PowerShot A20 can connect directly to a TV set, allowing you to use the TV screen as
your monitor when shooting or replaying images. You make the connection using the video
cable VC-100 included with the camera. Please be sure to turn both the TV set and the
camera off before connecting or disconnecting the cable.
Connect the camera to the TV
set using the supplied video
cable. Then turn the TV set
on, and set it to display video
Turn on the camera.
• The image display that normally appears
on the LCD monitor now appears on the
TV monitor instead.
• If the image disappears from the TV
screen while the camera is in one of the
shooting modes, you can bring the image
back by pressing the DISPLAY button.
• The LCD monitor does not display images
while the TV is connected.
• Stitch Assist mode (
 p. 49) is not available
while the camera is connected to a TV.
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