Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Connection Precautions
• With Windows system, the USB ports may not
operate correctly on systems that have been
upgraded to Windows 98/Me/2000 from
Windows 3.1/95 or to Windows 2000 from a
pre-installed Windows 98 system.
• With Macintosh computers, the USB interface
only works with Power Macintosh NEW G3/G4,
PowerBook G3, iMac and iBook models with
built-in USB connectors.
• Connect the camera directly to a USB port on
the computer. The interface may not operate
correctly when connected through a USB hub.
• Operating the camera simultaneously with
other USB devices, excluding USB mice and
keyboard, may not work correctly. If this occurs,
disconnect the other devices and then
reconnect the camera.
• Do not have more than two cameras
connected to a computer with the USB
interface at any time. The cameras may not
operate correctly.
Do not put the computer into standby (sleep)
mode when a camera is connected via a
USB port. If the computer should go into
standby mode while a camera is connected
to a USB port, leave the camera connected
(never disconnect it) and try to take the
computer out of standby mode. Some
computers may not recover properly from the
standby mode if the cable is disconnected.
Please refer to the computer’s manual for
information regarding the standby mode.
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