Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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The indicator flashes while charging, then
comes on solid when charging is finished.
Using the Battery and Charger Kit CBK100
• This charger can be used only to charge
Canon NB-1AH AA-size NiMH batteries.
Please do not attempt to charge any other
type of batteries with this charger.
• Never mix new batteries together with
batteries that have been used in other
• When recharging batteries from the
camera, always recharge all four of them at
the same time.
• All batteries you place in the charger should
be at approximately the same charge state,
and should have been purchased at the
same time. Don’t mix batteries with different
purchase dates or different charge states.
• Do not attempt to recharge fully charged
batteries, as doing so may reduce or impair
battery performance.
• Do not recharge batteries in enclosed areas
that tend to retain heat.
To an electrical
Using the Optional Battery Kits
Using Rechargeable Batteries
(Battery and Charger Kit CBK100)
The optional battery charger kit comes with
four rechargeable AA-size NiMH (nickel
metal hydride) batteries for use with the
PowerShot A10 and A20 cameras. You can
recharge the batteries as shown below.
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