Canon PowerShot A20 User Guide

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Using the Household Power Source
(AC Adapter Kit ACK600)
This optional adapter kit allows you to
operate the camera continuously without
worrying about having to stop and replace
the batteries. Use of the kit is recommended
when you are planning long sessions with
the camera, and whenever you connect the
camera to a computer.
• It takes approximately 220 minutes for the
charger to fully recharge the batteries (as
determined by testing at Canon facilities).
Please do not charge batteries in areas
where the temperature is outside the range
of 0 to 35 
C (32 to 104 
• Charging time varies according to ambient
temperature and to the batteries’ initial
charge state.
• Repeatedly recharging batteries before they
become fully depleted may cause batteries
to lose capacity. Do not recharge the
batteries until the LCD monitor displays the
“Change the batteries” message.
• When the usage time of batteries shortens
markedly even though they are charged
until the indicator glows, their effective life
has reached an end. When this occurs,
purchase four new batteries. Be sure to
purchase Canon AA-size NiMH batteries
NB4-100 (a four-piece set).
• Leaving batteries in the camera or charger
may damage it causing the battery leakage.
Remove batteries from the camera or
charger and store in a dry cool location
when not in use.
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