Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Picture Quality and coloring Settings
Adjusting the picture quality with effects  
[Photo Style]
Recording mode: 
You can adjust the colors and picture quality according to the concept of the picture that 
you want to create.
 [Rec] → [Photo Style]
Standard setting.
Setting with slightly high contrast and saturation.
Setting with slightly low contrast.
Setting that creates a picture using monochrome shades of gray only, 
such as black and white.
Setting that creates a picture using vivid colors for the blue sky and 
Setting that produces the look of a healthy complexion.
Setting for using colors and picture quality that were registered in 
[Photo Style] is fixed to [Standard] when the picture effect (Filter) is set.
The menu item is common for both the [Rec] and [Motion Picture] menus. If a setting in one menu 
is changed, the setting with the same name in other menu will also be changed automatically.