Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Picture Quality and coloring Settings
Adjusting the White Balance
Bracket recording using White Balance
Bracket settings are performed based on the fine adjustment values for White Balance, 
and three pictures with different coloring are automatically recorded when the shutter 
button is pressed once.
Perform fine adjustments of the White Balance in 
 of “Performing White Balance fine adjustments” 
and turn the control dial to perform the Bracket setting
Turning the control dial to the right : Horizontal ([A] to [B])
Turning the control dial to the left : Vertical ([G] to [M])
Press [MENU/SET]
When the White Balance Bracket is set, [BKT] appears on the White Balance icon.
When the camera is turned off (Including [Sleep Mode]), the White Balance Bracket setting is 
The shutter sound will be emitted only once.
Not available in the following cases:
The White Balance Bracket does not function in the following cases:
 •During panorama picture recording
 •During motion picture recording
 •When [4K PHOTO] is set to [ON]
 •When the [Quality] setting is set to [ 
 ], [ 
 ] or [   ]
 •When [HDR] is set to [ON]
 •When [Multi Exp.] is set
 •When using [Time Lapse Shot]