Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Adjusting the focus and brightness (exposure)
Taking pictures with Auto Focus
When recording using [AFF], [AFC]
Focusing may take time if the zoom is suddenly changed from max. W to max. T, or if 
you suddenly move closer to a subject from a greater distance. 
Press the shutter button halfway again when it is difficult to focus on the subject.
While the shutter button pressed halfway, shake may be seen on the screen.
If the light on a subject is insufficient when using [AFF] or [AFC], the camera performs the same 
focusing operation as [AFS]. In this case, the indication on the screen will change to yellow [AFS].
Not available in the following case:
The camera adjusts the focus using [AFS] in the following case:
 •During panorama picture recording
Switching [AF Mode]
Recording mode: 
This allows the focusing method that suits the positions and number of the subjects to be 
Press [   ] button (   )
Press     to select Auto Focus mode and press 
 •If you press   when [   ], [   ], [   ], or [   ] is selected, the AF 
area setting screen appears. For details on operation of the AF 
area setting screen, refer to 
Auto Focus is fixed to [   ] (1-area-focusing) in the following case:
 •When the picture effect (Filter) is set ([Miniature Effect])
Not available in the following case:
Cannot set to [   ] (Pinpoint-focusing) in the following case:
 •When [AFS/AFF/AFC] 
 is set to [AFF] or [AFC]