Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Adjusting the focus and brightness (exposure)
Taking pictures with Auto Focus
Automatically locking the focus on a moving subject   (AF Tracking)
Align the AF Tracking frame with the subject and press 
the shutter button halfway
When the subject is recognized, the AF Tracking frame changes 
from white to yellow, and the subject is automatically kept in focus.
If AF Lock fails, a red frame flashes for a while and then turns off. 
Retry the locking operation.
 •To release AF Tracking → Press [MENU/SET].
 •Focus range: same as macro recording [ 
 •In [Intelligent Auto] Mode, every time you press  , AF Tracking 
and Face Detection are switched.
AF Tracking frame
When you set [Metering Mode] to [   ] (Multi Metering), the camera adjusts the exposure using a 
locked subject. 
Under certain recording conditions, such as when the subject is small or dark, [   ] (AF Tracking) 
may not operate correctly. When [   ] (AF Tracking) does not work, focus will be on [   ] (1-area-
Not available in the following cases:
[   ] (AF Tracking) cannot be used in the following case:
 •When using [Time Lapse Shot]
In the following cases, [   ] (AF Tracking) performs the operation of [   ] (1-area-focusing).
 •When the picture effect (Filter) is set ([Sepia], [Monochrome], [Dynamic Monochrome], 
[Rough Monochrome], [Silky Monochrome], [Soft Focus], [Star Filter], [Sunshine])
 •[Monochrome] in [Photo Style]
Subject not centered in picture   (49-area-focusing) /  , etc. (Custom Multi)
Focuses on the subject in the wide range area (up to 49-area-
focusing) on the recording screen.
You can select the focusing area.