Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Stabilizer, Zoom and Flash
Using Zoom
[Step Zoom]
Recording mode: 
You can set the zoom operation to allow easy visualization of the angle of view (picture 
angle) for the focal length of a regular fixed focal length lens (as with a 35 mm film 
camera). When using the [Step Zoom], you can operate the zoom ratio as easily as 
changing the camera lens.
Turn the control ring 
Current zoom position
(Focal lengths the same as those of a 35 mm film camera)
Using the zoom lever for [Step Zoom]
You can use the zoom lever for [Step Zoom] by setting [Zoom lever] to [Step Zoom] in 
the [Custom] menu.
The focal length values are for reference only.
Not available in the following case:
 •During motion picture recording