Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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What you can do with the Wi-Fi function
Operating the camera by connecting it to a smartphone 
Taking pictures via a smartphone (remote recording)
Playing back pictures in the camera on a smartphone/tablet
Saving pictures in the camera to the smartphone/tablet
Sending pictures in the camera to social networking services
Writing the location information on pictures in the camera
Connect easily, transfer pictures easily
You can easily use the Wi-Fi function by 
pressing and holding the [Wi-Fi] button or 
using the NFC function.
Press and 
Hold the device 
close to the camera
Displaying still pictures on a TV 
Wireless printing 
Sending pictures to AV device 
Still pictures and motion pictures can be sent to AV device in the home (home AV 
Sending pictures to a PC 
Using WEB services 
Through “LUMIX CLUB”, you can send still pictures and motion pictures to social 
networking services, etc. You can receive still pictures and motion pictures on a PC or a 
smartphone/tablet using the Cloud Sync. Service.
 •Hereafter, this manual uses the term “smartphone” for both smartphones and tablets 
unless it is necessary to distinguish between them.