Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Operating the camera by connecting it to a smartphone
Using an iOS device
 •When reading a QR Code to connect
(Steps   to   are not necessary when reconnecting.)
 Start “Image App” 
  Select [QR Code] → [OK]
  Read the QR Code displayed on this unit with “Image App”
(When you press [MENU/SET] on the camera, the QR code is displayed in an 
enlarged size.)
 Install the IMAGE APP profile
Select [Install]
, then select [Install Now]
 → [Done]
 •The message is displayed in the Web browser.
 •If a passcode is required to unlock the smartphone, you will have to 
input the passcode. 
 Press the home button to close the Web browser
 Select [Wi-Fi]* under [Settings]* on the smartphone
 Turn on [Wi-Fi]* and select the SSID displayed on this unit
 Return to the home screen and start “Image App” 
 The display may differ depending on the system language setting.