Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Message displays
[Login failed. Please check Login ID and Password.]
 •Login ID or password for the “LUMIX CLUB” is not correct. Please enter it again. If you have 
forgotten the login ID or the password, there is information in the login screen of the “LUMIX CLUB” 
[Some files cannot be sent because of destination limit] / 
[Transfer completed. Some files are left because of destination limit.]
 •Check the file format of the image to send.
 •Sending motion pictures may fail if the file size is too large. Split the motion picture using [Video 
[Unavailable. Please set Login settings on LUMIX CLUB web site.]
 •Login to the “LUMIX CLUB” from your smartphone or PC, and set the login details of the 
destination WEB service.
[Both picture and video sharing service cannot be selected together]
 •WEB services designed only for pictures, and WEB services designed only for motion pictures 
cannot be selected at the same time. Deselect one of the services.
[Cannot get IP address. Please set wireless AP’s IP address setting to DHCP.]
 •Turn on DHCP settings of the IP address of the connected wireless access points.
[Cannot connect to server]
 •If a message is displaying asking to update the root certificate, agree to update the root certificate.