Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Menu list
When you perform Manual Focus operation, this function 
automatically adds color to the portions of the image that are in 
Sets whether to display the histogram.
[Guide Line]
Sets the pattern of the guidelines to be displayed while recording.
Flashes the overexposed areas in black and white during [Auto 
Review] or playback.
[Zebra Pattern]
Displays the area, where overexposure may occur, using a zebra 
[Monochrome Live 
You can display the recording screen in black and white.
[Constant Preview] 
(M Mode)
Allows the effects of the aperture value and shutter speed on the 
recording screen to be checked when [Manual Exposure] Mode 
is set.
Sets whether to display the exposure meter.
[Dial Guide]
Sets whether to display the operation guide.
[LVF Disp.Style]
Sets the viewfinder display method.
[Monitor Disp. Style]
Switching the monitor display method.
[Monitor Info. Disp.]
Switches the recording information screen of the monitor.
[Rec Area]
Switching the angle of view setting used for recording still pictures 
and motion pictures.
[Remaining Disp.]
Switching the display between the number of recordable pictures 
that you can take and the available recording time.
[Auto Review]
Set the time to display the pictures you have taken after taking still 
[Fn Button Set]
You can assign frequently-used functions to particular buttons.
[Zoom lever]
Switches the zoom lever operation setting.
[Control Ring]
You can assign frequently-used functions to control ring.
[Zoom Resume]
Retaining the zoom position when the camera is turned off.
Switches the method for setting Quick Menu items.
[iA Button Switch]
Changes the operation method of the [iA] button used for switching 
to [Intelligent Auto] Mode.
[Video Button]
Enabling/disabling the motion picture button.
[Eye Sensor]
Setting the sensitivity of the eye sensor or setting to switch the 
display between the viewfinder and monitor.