Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Setting the menu
You can use the menu to set camera and recording functions, operate playback functions, 
and perform other operations. In particular, the [Setup] menu contains some important 
settings relating to the camera’s clock and power. Check the settings of this menu before 
proceeding to use the camera.
When [Menu Resume] 
 in the [Setup] menu is set to [ON], the screen 
displayed last after you selected the menu item will reappear. It is set to [ON] at 
the time of purchase.
When the [Menu Information] 
 in the [Setup] menu is set to [ON], 
descriptions of the menu items and settings will appear on the menu screen. 
Example:  To change the [Quality] setting from [   ] to [   ] in the [Rec] menu 
In this Owner’s Manual, steps for setting a menu item are described as follows:
 [Rec] → [Quality] → [   ]
Press [MENU/SET] to bring up the menu
You can perform settings for picture size and the flash.
[Motion Picture]
You can select the recording format and picture quality and other 
Operation of the unit, such as displaying of the screen and button 
operations, can be set up according to your preferences. Also, it 
is possible to register the modified settings.
You can perform settings that make usage more convenient, such 
as the changing the clock settings and beep volume. You can 
also perform Wi-Fi function-related settings.
You can specify picture protection, cropping, print settings, and 
other settings for pictures you have taken.