Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Q&A  Troubleshooting
Recorded pictures appear coarse, or there is interference.
 •We recommend trying the following methods.
→  Lower [Sensitivity] 
→  Take pictures in brighter locations.
→  Either adjust [Noise Reduction] of [Photo Style] to a higher setting or set each item other than 
[Noise Reduction] to a lower setting. 
→  Set [Long Shtr NR] to [ON]. 
→  Change the settings of [Picture Size] 
 and [Quality] 
 •When Digital Zoom is used, the picture quality will become lower if you zoom in higher.
Striping or flicker may appear under lighting such as fluorescent lighting and LED lighting 
fixture. The subject appears distorted.
 •This is characteristic of MOS sensors which serve as the camera’s pickup 
sensors. This is not a malfunction. If the subject passes quickly in front of the 
lens, it will appear slightly distorted.
 •If you are taking still pictures using [ESHTR], the striping may be reduced by 
setting a slower shutter speed. 
Brightness or coloring of recorded picture different from real life.
 •When recording under fluorescent or LED lighting fixture etc., increasing the shutter speed may 
introduce slight changes to brightness and color. These are a result of the characteristics of the 
light source and do not indicate a malfunction.
 •When recording subjects in extremely bright locations or recording under fluorescent lighting, LED 
lighting fixture, mercury lamp, sodium lighting etc., the colors and screen brightness may change or 
horizontal striping may appear on the screen.
Reddish horizontal streaks appear on the screen during recording.
 •This is characteristic of the MOS sensors, which serve as the camera’s pickup sensors. The 
streaks appear when the subject has a bright part. Some unevenness may occur in the surrounding 
areas, but this is not a malfunction. It is recorded in motion pictures but is not recorded on still 
 •It is recommended that you take pictures while taking care not to expose the screen to sunlight or 
any other source of strong light.
Motion picture recording stops midway.
 •The speed class of a required card varies depending on [Rec Format] and [Rec Quality] of a motion 
picture. Be sure to use a card of the recommended speed class. For details, refer to “About the 
motion picture recording and speed class” 
 •If recording stops even when using a card of the recommended speed class, the data writing 
speed has dropped. If this happens, we recommend backing up the data on the memory card and 
formatting it