Panasonic DMC-LX100 User Manual

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Q&A  Troubleshooting
Menu not displayed in desired language.
 •Change [Language] setting 
Camera rattles if shaken.
 •This sound is made by the lens movement and is not a fault.
The lens makes a clicking noise.
 •When the camera is turned on or off, the lens is moved, or an aperture operation is performed, 
such a noise may be heard. This is not a malfunction.
 •When the brightness changes after a zooming operation or moving the camera, the lens may make 
a noise while adjusting the aperture. This is not a malfunction.
Red lamp illuminated when pressing shutter button halfway in dark locations.
 •[AF Assist Lamp] is set to [ON] 
AF Assist Lamp is not illuminated.
 •[AF Assist Lamp] is set to [OFF] 
 •Not illuminated in bright locations.
Part of a picture flashes black and white.
 •[Highlight] is set to [ON]. 
Camera is hot.
 •Camera may become a little warm during use, but this does not affect performance or quality.
Clock is incorrect.
 •Camera has been left for a long period.
→ Reset the clock 
 •A long time was taken to set the clock (clock will be behind by the same lapse of time).
When using zoom, picture becomes slightly warped and the edges of the subject become 
 •Pictures may be slightly warped or colored around the edges, depending on the zoom ratio, but this 
is not a fault.
File numbers are not recorded in sequence.
 •File numbers are reset when new folders are created 
 •If you perform this operation after performing a specific operation, the picture may be saved in a 
folder with a different folder number than the previous folder number.
File numbers have jumped backwards.
 •Battery was removed/inserted with the camera turned on. (Numbers may jump backwards if folder/
file numbers are not correctly recorded.)