Bosch 100 Combi Boiler User Manual

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Gas Condensing Boiler
100, 151 Combi Boiler
57, 100, 131, 151 Heating Boiler
Improper installation, setup, modifi cation, operation or
maintenance of the heating system can cause personal
injury and property damage.
Follow each appliances' instructions precisely.
For assistance or further information, contact a trained 
and certifi ed installer, service provider, or the gas 
supply company.
In Massachusetts, the boiler must be installed by a 
licensed plumber or gas fi tter.
Application drawings in this manual are conceptual only 
and do not purport to address all design, installation, 
code, or safety considerations.
The diagrams in this manual are for reference use by 
code offi cials, designers and licensed installers. It is 
expected that installers have adequate knowledge of 
national and local codes, as well as accepted industry 
practices, and are trained on equipment, procedures, 
and applications involved. Drawings are not to scale.
Refer to the boiler, control and module installer manuals 
for additional detailed information!
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