Panasonic C5310U User Manual

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Audio Settings
≥ Press [DISP] (display) to return to the 
regular mode.
≥ If no operation takes place for more than 
5 seconds in audio setting (2 seconds 
in the volume setting, 10 seconds in SQ 
adjustment), the display returns to the 
regular mode.
≥ When SBC-SW setting (page 23) has 
been selected to ON, the settings resulting 
from the adjustments performed at the 
subwoofer level and subwoofer low pass 
fi lter settings are refl ected in the output.
  Press [VOLUME]
(SEL: select).
You can adjust the sound balance among the 
front, rear, right and left speakers.
Default:  BAL (balance) CNT (center)
FAD (fader) CNT (center)
Setting range: 15 levels each
Subwoofer Level
You can change the subwoofer volume level.
Default: 0 dB
Setting range:  MUTE (subwoofer mute), 
j6 dB to i6 dB (by 2 dB)
Subwoofer Low Pass Filter (LPF)
You can select the upper limit frequency of the 
sound from subwoofer.
Default: 80 Hz 
Setting range: 80 Hz/120 Hz/160 Hz
 Turn [VOLUME]
(Press [VOL 
"or [VOL #on the remote control unit.)
"]: Right enhanced
#]: Left enhanced
"]: Increased
#]: Decreased
"]: Increased
#]: Decreased
"]: Front enhanced
#]: Rear enhanced
High Pass Filter (HPF)
Select the lower limit frequency of the sound 
from speakers (except subwoofer)
Default: OFF
Setting range: OFF/90 Hz/135 Hz/180 Hz/225 Hz
"]: Increased
#]: Decreased