Atlantic Technology IWTS-4 LCR Leaflet

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“Entry-level” doesn’t apply 
to its sound.
The Atlantic Technology IWTS-4 LCR is our lowest-
priced in-wall speaker but it borrows much of its 
technology and simplicity of installation from its more 
costly brethren.
This speaker uses a 6 ½” GLH (Graphite-Loaded 
Homopolymer) woofer for solid bass down to 57 Hz 
and Atlantic’s renowned 1” soft-dome Low Resonance 
Tweeter (LRT™). Because of its low crossover point, 
this remarkable tweeter allows the IWTS-4 LCR 
to deliver much wider midrange dispersion than 
conventional in-wall speakers for greater placement 
flexibility, without the severe acoustic and mechanical 
drawbacks of the so-called “pivoting tweeter.”
Here’s why: The woofer in conventional in-wall 
speakers handles too much of the midrange and 
woofers send out the midrange like a flashlight beam—
pretty much only straight ahead, with very little sound 
side-to-side or up-and-down. So even if these speakers 
have a pivoting tweeter, that doesn’t really help, since 
it’s the woofer, not the tweeter, that handles the 
directionally-critical midrange frequencies.
What’s needed is a speaker where the tweeter, not the 
woofer, handles more of the midrange, because unlike 
woofers, tweeters spread their sound out over a very 
wide area.
Because of this, Atlantic has engineered an extremely sophisticated, high-performance 
tweeter (the Low Resonance Tweeter, or LRT™) for the IWTS-4 LCR, and it can play 
most of the middle tones as well, thereby relieving the woofer of having to do what 
woofers can’t do. Our LRT tweeter spreads out the midrange sound over a much wider 
angle than the woofer, so the IWTS-4 covers the entire listening area beautifully in 
both the midrange and treble, even when it’s mounted high up on the wall. This tweeter 
technology was originally developed for our In-Wall Closed Box series (retailing for up to 
$1000 ea.), but is now available in the IWTS-4 LCR, at a fraction of the price. We know 
of no similarly-priced in-wall speaker that can match its performance.
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IWTS-4 LCR In-Wall HT System