Panasonic C1303U User Manual

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Station Preset
Up to 6 stations can be preset in AM, FM1, FM2, and FM3
Preset stations can be simply called up by pressing [1] to [6].
Auto Preset Memory (APM)
With this operation, stations with good receiving conditions can
be automatically stored in the preset memory.
Select a band.
Hold down [BAND] (APM) for more than 2
The preset stations under best receiving conditions are
received for 5 seconds each after presetting the stations
(SCAN). To stop scanning, press one of the buttons from
[1] to [6].
Note: New stations overwrite existing saved stations.
Manual station preset
Tune into a station.
Hold down one of the preset buttons from
[1] to [6] for more than 2 seconds.
(blinks once)
Note: New stations overwrite existing saved stations.
lights while receiving an FM stereo signal.
Frequency Preset Number
Display change
Press [DISP] to change the display.
Radio mode display (Default)
Radio Source Display
Clock display