Panasonic C1303U User Manual

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Notes on Discs
How to hold a disc
Do not touch the underside of a disc.
Do not scratch on a disc.
Do not bend a disc.
When not in use, keep a disc in a case.
Do not use irregularly shaped discs.
Do not leave discs in the following places:
Direct sunlight
Near car heaters
Dirty, dusty and damp areas
Seats and dashboards
Disc cleaning
Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe from the center outward.
Do not attach any seals or labels to your discs.
Do not write on the disc label with a ballpoint pen or
other hard-point pens.
If you use commercial CDs, they must have the label
shown at right.
Some copy-protected music CDs are not playable.
Notes on CD/CD Media (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW)
Notes on
You may have trouble playing back some CD-R/RW discs
recorded using CD recorders (CD-R/RW drives), either due
to their recording characteristics or dirt, fingerprints,
scratches, etc. on the disc surface.
CD-R/RW discs are less resistant to high temperatures and
high humidity than ordinary music CDs.  Leaving them
inside a car for extended periods may damage and make
playback impossible.
Some CD-R/RWs cannot be played back successfully due
to incompatibility among writing software, a CD recorder
(CD-R/RW drive) and the discs.
This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs if the session is
not closed.
This player cannot play the CD-R/RW discs which contain
other than CD-DA data or MP3.
Be sure to observe the instructions of the CD-R/RW disc
for handling it.
Recording MP3 files on a CD-media
You are recommended to minimize the chances of mak-
ing a disc that contains both CD-DA files and MP3 files.
If CD-DA files are on the same disc as MP3 or files, the
songs may not play in the intended order, or some songs
may not play at all.
Do not record files other than MP3 files and unnecessary
folder on a disc.
The name of MP3 file should be added by rules as shown in
the following descriptions and also comply with the rules of
each file system.
You may encounter trouble in playing MP3 files or display-
ing the information of MP3 files recorded with certain writ-
ing software or CD recorders.
The file extension “.mp3” should be assigned to each file
depending on the file format.
This unit does not have the play list function.
Although Multi-session recording is supported, the use of
Disc-at-Once is recommended.
Supported file systems
ISO 9660 Level 1/Level 2, Apple Extension to ISO 9660, Joliet,
Note: Apple HFS, UDF 1.50, MIX mode CD, CD Extra is not
Compression formats 
(Recommendation: “Points to remember when making
MP3 files” on the right.)
MPEG 1 audio layer 3 
Bit rate: 32 k-320 kbps
VBR: Yes
Sampling frequency: 
32, 44.1, 48 kHz
MPEG 2 audio layer 3 
Bit rate: 8 k-160 kbps
VBR: Yes
Sampling frequency:
16, 22.05, 24 kHz
Printed side
Do not use irregularly
shaped discs.
Do not attach any seals or
labels to your discs.