Panasonic BT-LH1850E User Manual

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About this instruction manual
• This instruction manual refers to BT-LH1850P/1850E as “this unit.”
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Precautions for Use
• The LCD monitor is manufactured with high-precision technology and has an effective pixel count of over 99.99 %. However, less than 
0.01 % of pixels may be stuck or dead in some cases. This is not a malfunction and has no effect on the recorded images.
• If a still image is displayed for an extended period of time, it may generate a temporary afterimage (phosphor burn-in). (However, such 
images can be removed by displaying normal video for a while.)
• The response speed and brightness of liquid crystal vary with ambient temperatures.
• Do not install the unit in a place exposed to direct sunlight, as it may damage the cabinet and the LCD screen.
• Do not install the unit in locations where enough space cannot be provided around it as heat may build up inside preventing normal 
operation. Be sure to provide enough space around the unit.
• Exposing the LCD screen to intense light sources will impair its characteristics and lower image quality. 
• In an environment exposed to drastic temperature fluctuations, condensation may build up on and inside the LCD screen. This may 
lower the quality of the screen and may damage it.
• Some video images may appear blurred on the screen.
• Leaving the unit in a location exposed to high temperature or humidity for an extended period of time may damage the LCD screen 
and cause blurring. 
• Streaks of light may be seen in the area between the edge of the screen and the frame; this is normal and not a malfunction.
• The front panel is fitted with a packaging material to prevent damage to the LCD panel when taking it out of the packing case or trans-
porting it. Remove the panel before use.
• This unit does not support VIERA Link. If the unit is connected to a VIERA-Link-compatible device via an HDMI cable, VIERA Link 
functions on the other device may not operate properly.
• Using the unit near a wireless transmitter, high-voltage equipment, a speaker, large motors or other devices or exposing it to static 
electricity could cause electromagnetic interference and distort audio and video reception.