Citrix Branch Repeater Enterprise Edition EW3Z0000348 User Manual

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Optimized branch application delivery from 
Citrix Delivery Center with local branch services
Citrix Branch Repeater - Enterprise Edition
Product Overview
The branch is often the public face of the enterprise. Retail, financial services, healthcare, education,
and government sectors rely on the branch to serve customers. Enterprises wishing to offer better
customer service and achieve higher branch user productivity increase the dependence of their branches
on information technology. IT administrators are challenged to meet the needs of the ever-growing
population of branch IT users while pursuing infrastructure optimization initiatives that centralize
applications, data, and servers to lower IT operating costs and meet data security mandates. And IT
consolidation initiatives that reduce the cost of servicing branches can impose a productivity penalty
on branch users due to the realities of the modern Wide Area Network (WAN). At one time, the branch
WAN link carried only static enterprise data on a dedicated circuit. Today it must support rich enterprise
applications in the often-hazardous conditions caused by the proliferation of Internet-based WAN services.
And if all local servers are removed, the branch can become a desert island during WAN outages.
Citrix Branch Repeater Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive branch solution, can optimize application
delivery from Citrix Delivery Center and beyond, while simultaneously providing key native Windows
branch infrastructure services. Paired with Citrix WANScaler
appliances in the data center, Citrix
Branch Repeater, Enterprise Edition can optimize the staging of application data and speed dynamic
data over the WAN to deliver on the promise of the fully productive branch.
Staging application data
Application Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be dramatically reduced with Citrix XenApp
application virtualization, also known as application streaming. Combining the benefits of centralized
application deployment with local application isolation and support for offline operation, application
streaming brings more applications to more users. Citrix Branch Repeater, Enterprise Edition can
stage streamed applications in the branch, speeding application installation and maintenance.
WAN optimization
Citrix Branch Repeater includes proven WAN optimization capabilities that automate all WAN
acceleration mechanisms based on real-time application traffic and network conditions — without
complex manual or static configurations. WAN optimization minimizes the impact of latency on
application performance and maximizes WAN capacity, with adaptive TCP flow control to mitigate TCP
Key benefits 
Application staging
• Stage and accelerate Citrix
XenApp streamed applications
• Cache Web content with
optional Microsoft ISA Server
Web caching
Application acceleration
• LAN-like performance for
branch applications delivered
over the WAN
• Dynamic, network-aware
tuning of optimizations
• Industry-leading compression
reduces bandwidth 
No-compromise server
• Local IT infrastructure services
• Branch productivity during
WAN outages