Bosch PLE 1MA030-US User Manual

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Bosch Security Systems | 2007-12 | PLE-1MA030-US,  PLE-1MA060-US, PLE-1MA120-US en
Plena Mixer Amplifier | Installation and User Instructions | Description
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Rear panel
See figure 2.3 for an overview of the connectors and 
1 Tel. emergency/70V input, Euro style pluggable 
screw terminal connector - VOX function. This input 
has highest priority.
2 Telephone emergency/70V input volume control - 
control range -25 dB to 0dB (see number 1).
3 Remote control wall-panel-input, RJ-45 connector. 
Wall panel incorporates: BGM source selection, and 
zone on/off control.
4 Ducking level control for microphone/line inputs 1 
and 2.
5 Music input (number 1 disc), 2x RCA/cinch 
connectors. Stereo, summed mono.
6 Music input (number 2 radio), 2x RCA/cinch 
connectors. Stereo, summed mono.
7 Music input (number 3 auxiliary), 2x RCA/cinch 
connectors. Stereo, summed mono.
8 Music master output, XLR connector - switch setting 
for line out, or music only. This output can carry out 
either music only, or the master output. For more 
information, see chapter 4.2.3.
9 Cooling fan (PLE-1MA120 only).
10 Microphone/line 1 input with trigger, Euro style 
pluggable screw terminal connector - DIP switch 
settings for: chime, PTT (push to talk), mic/line, 
speech filter, and phantom power (see number 11)
11 DIP switch for microphone/line 1 and microphone/
line 2 (see numbers 10 and 12 respectively).
12 Microphone/line 2 input, Euro style pluggable screw 
terminal connector - DIP switch settings for speech 
filter, mic/line, VOX, and phantom power (see 
number 11).
13 Microphone/line 3 input, Euro style pluggable screw 
terminal connector - DIP switch settings for mic/line, 
and phantom power (see number 14).
14 DIP switch for microphone/line 3 and microphone/
line 4 (see numbers 13 and 15 respectively).
15 Microphone/line 4 input, Euro style pluggable screw 
terminal connector - DIP switch settings for mic/line, 
and phantom power 
(see number 14).
16 Outputs:
Call only, screw terminal connector 70 V.
Screw terminal connector 25 V, 70 V, and 4 Ohm.
17 Mains fuse.
18 Ground connection screw. 
19 Mains connector (3-pole).
Always allow adequate space at the rear of the 
unit for ventilation.
The unit must be grounded.