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WLX0001 rev. B
WideLine rigging hardware torque adjustment
Bulletin #:
Issue Date:
December 15, 2008
Models Affected: WideLine 8 Series and WideLine 10 Series
Bulletin Revision: B
Production Range: All before December 2007 (serial number 1107xxxxx and earlier)
Service Bulletin
When subjected to continuous or severe vibration during transport, it is possible for some of the screws attaching the rigging
hardware to the WL3082 and WL212-sw (WideLine 8 Series) or WL2102-w and WL218-sw (WideLine 10 Series) to loosen. Since this
could cause difficulty in rigging or unwanted rattles, QSC recommends that system owners inspect all rigging hardware before the
next system use.
This bulletin applies to enclosures manufactured before December 2007. These units will have serial numbers with a date code of
1107 or earlier (the date code comprises the first four digits of the serial number, in 
mmyy format).
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Tools and materials required
• Power drill-screwdriver with adjustable torque clutch
• Torque wrench—set to 60 in-lb (5 ft-lb) or 7 N-m
• Loctite® QuickStix™ 248™ medium-strength threadlocker stick
(for technical information, availability, distribution, etc., go to
• T25 and T30 TORX™ bits; Phillips head (cross) bits
This is the factory recommended method for tightening the rigging hardware. To access the rigging screws on the WideLine 10
cabinets (WL2102-w and WL218-sw) it will be necessary to remove all rigging knuckles.
CAUTION: The torque required to properly tighten the screws is only 60 in-lb (5 ft-lb) or 7 N-m; this is considerably less than is used
in installing a spark plug or many other common mechanical assemblies. Use an appropriate small torque wrench to ensure that you
neither overtighten nor undertighten the screws.
WL2102-w and WL218-sw only: Remove the knuckle from the rigging channel by first unscrewing the TORX cap head screw
and then sliding the knuckle out (see Figure 1). Note the orientation of the knuckle, to ensure proper reinstallation at the
completion of this procedure.
All models: Remove the TORX screws that hold the rigging channel or channels to the enclosure (two screws and one channel
on the WL2102-w; four screws and one channel on the WL218-sw; four screws and two channels on the WL3082; six screws
and two channels on the WL212-sw). Apply a dab of Loctite QuickStix 248 to the thread at the end of each screw. See Figure 2.
All models: Reinstall the screws through the rigging channel into the enclosure, using a power drill-screwdriver at its 
torque setting to lightly secure the screws.
On the WideLine 8 WL3082 and WL212-sw cabinets, attach the anchors of the rigging pin lanyards as shown in Figure 2 when
you reinstall the screws.
Figure 1. Removing the knuckle from the rigging channel.

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