Sony 4-151-151-13(1) User Manual

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Importing and Transferring Content
Importing Content
Authorizing the Reader and your computer
Before purchasing and downloading eBooks from the eBook 
store, the Reader and your computer need to be authorized.
•  You can check whether the Reader is authorized from “About” in 
the “Settings” menu. (  
“This device is authorized for Adobe DRM content.” is displayed.
•  The Internet connection is required to authorize the Reader and 
your computer.
  Slide the POWER switch.
The Reader is turned on.
•  If the Reader does not turn on, the battery has been fully 
depleted. In this case, go to the next step. Although charging is in 
progress (charge indicator lights up in red), the Reader will not 
turn on until 
 (indicating connection via USB) appears on the 
screen (it takes at least 40 minutes).
Importing and Transferring Content