Panasonic BT-4LH310 User Manual

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Names and Functions of Parts
Video Monitor
Front Panel
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Connector Section 
(Right Side Panel)
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Connecting the 
Power Cable
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1  Tally lamps (red and green)
The red tally and green tally can be lit by a control signal 
from GPI.
When both the red tally and green tally light at the same 
time, the tally color will be amber.
The red tally can be made to light when the REC status 
information is superimposed on the SDI signal. (→SDI REC
TALLY on page 32)
2   Protective panel mounting screw holes (4 holes)
Four screw holes have been provided to enable attachment 
of a permanent protective panel. 
Be sure to use the supplied protective panel mounting 
screws (M3, 8 mm long).
Protective material is attached at the time of shipment to 
protect the LCD panel from damage during removal from 
the packing box and transportation. Remove it before using 
the unit.