Philips Standard Series Leaflet

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Standard Series Monitor
15" (14.0" VIS) Monitor With  Outstanding
Performance At An  Incredible  Price
• Where space is at a premium. Space Conscious Design results in the smallest
15" monitor footprint in its class; designed to reduce height even further, the monitor
has small “feet” for added stability when base is removed
• Crisp, clear display that’s easy on the eyes. This monitor, with a high contrast
tube, has a fine .24 mm hdp and non-glare tube which ensures crisp, clear graphics
and text that are easy on your eyes, even after hours of continuous use
• Superior performance. The 105S offers a flicker-free recommend viewing
resolution of  800 x 600 at 96Hz and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 960
• Intuitive screen adjustments. Developed with consumer focus groups, the
ergonomically placed design controls allow for easy navigation through plain language
menus and simple icons
• Freedom of choice–flexible multimedia and USB upgrades. Add stereo
audio with dual bass pipes by simply replacing the standard tilt/swivel base with the
optional multimedia base (It’s a snap!); attach the optional rotatable USB powered
hub to either the multimedia base or the standard tilt/swivel base to conveniently
plug-in USB devices
• A monitor you can trust with
Philips First Choice Program.
One call support including a
comprehensive 3-year warranty
with a 1-year exchange for your
peace of mind 
USB hub
multimedia base