Samsung E1920X User Manual

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SyncMaster B1740R/ B1740RX/ B1940M/ B1940MX/ B1940R/ B1940RX/ B1940MR/ 
B1940MRX/ B1940W/ B1940WX/ B2240/ B2240X/ B2240W/ B2240WX/
B2240M/ B2240MX/ B2240MW/ B2240MWX/ BX2240/ BX2240X/ B2340/ 
B2440L/ B2440LX/B2440/ B2440X/ B2440M/ BX2440/ BX2440X/ 
E1720NR/ E1720NRX/ E1920/ E1920X/ E1920R/ E1920N/ E1920NX/ 
E1920NR/ E1920NRX/ E1920NW/ E1920NWX/ E1920W/ E1920WX/ 
E2020/ E2020X/ E2020N/ E2020NX/ E2220/ E2220X/ E2220N/ E2220NX/ 
E2220NW/ E2220W/ E2220WX/ EX2220/ EX2220X/ E2320/ E2320X/ 
E2420L/ E2420NL
LCD Monitor
User Manual
The color and the appearance may differ depending on the 
product, and the specifications are subject to change 
without prior notice to improve the performance.