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Scalability is the Solution
The DLT VS80 provides a safe and easy
transition into high-reliability tape
technology because it offers true
scalabilty. DLTtape™ IV media is the
defacto standard for reliability and data
integrity, with over 80 million tape
cartridges sold. As part of the industry-
leading DLTtape family, the DLT VS80
provides a strong, scalable solution 
that can be used with confidence. The
DLT VS80 is read and write compatible
with the DLT1 and read compatible
with the DLT 4000. 
Easy Integration
For maximum ease of installation, 
the DLT VS80 works with virtually all
popular backup software packages,
enabling straightforward integration 
with new and existing networks and
systems. The drive is available in either 
an internally configured or a self-standing
enclosed unit. For a complete list of
application software package and
hardware platforms compatible with the
Quantum DLT VS80, go to quantum.com.
Move up to the system that’s exceeding
the standard of value in DLTtape backup.
Value DLTtape™ Drives
F E A T U R E S   A N D   B E N E F I T S
• Outstanding capacity and performance 
40 GB native capacity at 3 MB/s. 2:1
compression allows 80 GB at 6 MB/s
• Compact Size – Half-high form factor
optimizes space without sacrificing 
optimal performance or reliability.
• Single-cartridge backup – one 
DLTtape™ IV cartridge can back up an
entire small-to- medium sized storage
network or workstation.
• DLTtape IV cartridge compatibility 
the DLT VS80 tape drives use industry-
standard DLTtape IV cartridges that are
fully backward read compatible with the
popular DLT1 and DLT 4000 formats.
• Industry-leading product roadmap 
The DLTtape platform leverages best-
of-breed tape solutions for the entire
server data protection market.
Good things come in small packages. As the server
market migrates to smaller packages for improved
density, the Quantum DLT VS80 provides mission-critical
reliable tape storage with space to spare. The DLT VS80
features a half-high 5.25-inch form factor and offers 40
GB of native capacity and a 3 MB/s native transfer rate. It
offers the definitive Value DLTtape™ combination of price,
performance, and packaging.