Toshiba M200 User Manual

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Care and use of the Battery Pack
7. Never subject a Battery Pack to heat, such as storage near a heat source.
Exposure to heat can cause the Battery Pack to ignite, explode or leak caustic
liquid and cause death or serious injury. It could also fail or malfunction
causing data loss.
Never expose the Battery Pack to abnormal shock, vibration or pressure. The
Battery Pack's internal protective device will fail, causing it to overheat,
explode, ignite or leak caustic liquids possibly resulting in death or serious
Never let a Battery Pack become wet. A wet Battery Pack will overheat, ignite
or rupture possibly resulting in death or serious injury.
1. Never allow caustic electrolyte fluid leaked from a Battery Pack to contact your
eyes, skin or clothing. If caustic electrolyte fluid should contact your eyes,
immediately wash your eyes with large amounts of running water and seek
medical attention, to help prevent eye damage. It electrolyte fluid should
contact your skin immediately wash it under running water to prevent rash. If it
contacts your clothes, promptly remove them to prevent the fluid from
contacting your skin or eyes.
Immediately turn off the power, disconnect the AC adapter and remove the
battery if any of the following events are observed in the Battery Pack:
offensive or unusual odor, excessive heat, discoloration or deformation. Never
use the computer again until it has been checked by a TOSHIBA service
provider. It might generate smoke or fire, or the Battery Pack might rupture.
3. Make sure the battery is securely installed in the computer before attempting
to charge the Battery Pack. Improper installation could generate smoke or fire,
or cause the Battery Pack to rupture.
4. Keep the Battery Pack out of reach of infants and children. It can cause injury.
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