Toshiba M200 User Manual

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capacity:  The amount of data that can
be stored on a magnetic storage
device such as a  diskette (floppy
disk) or hard disk.  It is usually
described in terms of kilobytes (KB),
where one KB = 1024 bytes and
megabytes (MB), where one MB =
1024 KB.
card:  Synonym for board.  See board.
CardBus: An industry standard bus
for 32-bit PC Cards.
CD-ROM:  A Compact Disk-Read
Only Memory is a high capacity disk
that can be read from but not written
to.  The CD-ROM drive uses a laser,
rather than magnetic heads, to read
data from the disk.
character:  Any letter, number,
punctuation mark, or symbol used by
the computer.  Also synonymous with
chassis:  The frame containing the
chip:  A small semiconductor contain-
ing computer logic and circuitry for
processing, memory, input/output
functions and controlling other chips.
CMOS:  Complementary Metal-Oxide
Semiconductor.  An electronic circuit
fabricated on a silicon wafer that
requires very little power.  Integrated
circuits implemented in CMOS
technology can be tightly packaged
and are highly reliable.
cold start:  Starting a computer that is
currently off (turning on the power).
commands:  Instructions you enter at
the terminal keyboard that direct the
actions of the computer or its periph-
eral devices.
communications:  The means by
which a computer transmits and
receives data to and from another
computer or device.
Compact Flash: A small removable
mass storage device, designed with
flash technology, a non-volatile
storage solution that does not require
a battery to retain data indefinitely.
compatibility:  1) The ability of one
computer to accept and process data in
the same manner as another computer
without modifying the data or the
media upon which it is being trans-
ferred.  2)  the ability of one device to
connect to or communicate with
another system or component.
components:  Elements or parts (of a
system) which make up the whole
computer program:  A set of instruc-
tions written for a computer that
enable it to achieve a desired result.
computer system:  A combination of
hardware, software, firmware, and
peripheral components assembled to
process data into useful information.
configuration:  The specific compo-
nents in your system (such as the
terminal, printer, and disk drives) and
the settings that define how your
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