Adobe Flash Basic 8 (FR) MLP, TLP Educational 5000+ 38003193ET Data Sheet

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Macromedia Flash® 8 Product Line
Flash is the industry standard for creating and delivering effective rich interactive content across
desktops and devices. Flash is used to power great experiences for interactive marketing and presentations,
rich media advertising, e-learning, entertainment, business applications, interactive video experiences,
and more. Used by over a million creative professionals worldwide and with an audience of over 560
million users across the web, Flash is the world’s most pervasive software platform. The Macromedia
Flash 8 Product line consists of Flash Professional 8, Flash Basic 8 and Flash Player 8.
Flash Professional 8
Flash Professional 8 is the
industry’s most advanced
authoring environment for
creating interactive websites,
digital experiences and mobile
Express your creativity
New breakthrough motion graphics,
effects and animation tools let you
explore your creative ideas with pixel-
perfect control and precision
Create and deliver great video
Easily design, encode, and deploy
customized interactive video using the
new high-quality Flash Video features
Provide quality end-user experiences
Create great-looking content with
minimum file size using the new text
rendering engine, video codec and
performance optimization features
Deliver content to millions of devices
Design, build, and test mobile content
using Flash Professional’s advanced
authoring environment complete with
an interactive emulator for Flash Lite™.
Flash Basic 8
Flash Basic 8 is a subset of Flash
Professional 8 and includes all
the core functionality needed to
design simple motion graphics
and interactivity for delivery to
the Flash Player.
Add life to your content
Combine images, graphics and sound
to create animated content for the web
Share your creativity with everyone
Reach your audience leveraging Flash
Player, the most widely distributed rich
client run-time
Engage your audience
Create interactive web content, games,
and presentations using Flash’s built-in
scripting language, ActionScript
Flash Player 8
Flash Player 8 is the universal rich
client for delivering effective
experiences across browsers,
desktops and mobile devices.
Reach the widest audience
Flash Player is the most widely
distributed software in the history of the
Internet. Over 98% of web users
already have Flash Player and are
immediately able to view Flash content
without a download.
Deliver rich applications
Flash Player supports mission-critical
applications with its standards-based
ActionScript programming model and
capabilities for application development
including support for web services, file
upload/download and asynchronous
data communications.
Support accessibility
Flash Player supports assistive
technologies such as screen readers so
Flash content and applications will be
usable and accessible to everyone,
including users with disabilities.
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