Adobe After Effects Professional 7 (EN) Win32, TLP Commercial 15000-24999 54018993TT User Manual

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After Effects
Product overview
Animate your ideas. Adobe After Effects 7.0 software delivers the flexibility and power you 
need to bring a new dimension to your film, video, DVD, and Macromedia® Flash® productions.
Production excellence
Graph Editor
Value and Speed graphs
 Edit Value and Speed graphs in the Graph Editor, or let After Effects choose the one 
most appropriate for the animated property.
Value graphs for spatial properties
 See spatial properties such as Position represented with Value graphs on individual 
channels, each with a unique color.
Selected properties display
 Choose one or all of three display modes for comparing animation curves: all selected 
properties, all animated properties of a selected layer, or a Graph Editor Set containing 
marked properties only.
One-button eases
 Add eases in and out of curves with a single click.
Free transform
 Scale and offset keyframes in the Graph Editor with free-transform features, just as you 
would scale or offset vertices on a mask.
Snapping keyframes
 Snap keyframes to points of interest as you drag them horizontally or vertically around 
the Graph Editor.
Scalable view
 Freely zoom and pan around the Graph Editor with the Zoom tool, Hand tool, or your 
mouse scroll wheel, using modifier keys for additional controls. Automatically fit all 
graphs to the current view with a single click.
32-bit High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 16-bit color support
32-bit floating-point pipeline
 Freely push values above full white and recover detail at any stage of the pipeline, so you 
can access the full range of color visible with the naked eye (Professional edition only).
Support for HDR image formats
 Import and export HDR color images in Adobe Photoshop®, OpenEXR, and TIFF 
formats to preserve the full dynamic range of all footage (Professional edition only).
Quality 16-bit results
• Produce work that is film- and HDTV-ready using the broader range of colors available 
in the 16-bit color mode (Professional edition only).
Flexible color modes
• Rough out a composition in 8-bit color mode, and then finalize and output it to 16-bit 
or 32-bit color for optimal quality. Toggle between 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit color on-the-
fly. (Professional edition only.)
The industry standard for motion graphics and 
visual effects
New or enhanced feature
Compare the features in  
After Effects 7.0 Standard  
and After Effects 7.0 Professional  

Summary of Contents of user manual for Adobe After Effects Professional 7 (EN) Win32, TLP Commercial 15000-24999 54018993TT

  • Page 1 Features Adobe  After Effects  7.0 ® ® The industry standard for motion graphics and visual effects Product overview Animate your...
  • Page 2 Powerful masking tools Unlimited masks • Control which parts of a 2D or 3D layer are visible by adding...
  • Page 3 Difference Matte • Compare foreground information in a scene against a precisely matched, static background “clean plate” and leave...
  • Page 4 Audio effects • Remap audio over time with the Delay and Backwards audio effects. Adjust audio tone with Bass...
  • Page 5 Extensive file format support Extensive support for industry-standard formats • Import and output files in QuickTime, AVI, MPEG-2 (Windows...
  • Page 6 Resolution independence • Mix multiple file resolutions from small thumbnails up to 30,000x30,000-pixel frames. Adobe Bridge ➤ Simplify the...
  • Page 7 RAM previews • Preview compositions in real time and benefit from intelligent caching, dynamic previews, and the ability to...
  • Page 8 Parenting • Speed up production by defining a parent-child relationship between layers to ensure the child layer inherits all...
  • Page 9 Optics Compensation • Precisely simulate the fish-eye lens distortion of images taken with a real camera using a wide-angle...
  • Page 10 Placeholder for missing effects • Continue working on a project even when the effects it uses are missing from...
  • Page 11 Rotoscoping and paint tools Nondestructive vector painting • Paint nondestructively on layers to clean up footage, draw masks, clone...
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