Sony PEG-T415/G User Manual

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Communicating using your Sony CLIÉ Handheld
Exchanging data via Memory Stick
Notes on moving or copying data using the MS Gate application
In some cases when you move or copy a specific file using the MS Gate
application, a CLIÉ application may not function properly. Sony is not liable
for any trouble with applications or data that arises out of your deletion or
moving of a file.
Do not move or delete the following files:
• Saved Preference: Saves the final operation status or settings for various
• Unsaved Preference: Saves the settings of various applications or user
information of your CLIÉ handheld. If this file is deleted, you may not be
able to synchronize correct information.
• NetworkDB: Saves network settings. If this file is deleted, network
connection is disabled.
• AddressDB: Saves the database for Address Book.*
• DatebookDB: Saves the database for Date Book.*
• MemoDB: Saves the database for Memo Pad.*
• MailDB: Saves the database for Mail.*
• ToDoDB: Saves the database for To Do List.*
* ) These database files can be copied to Memory Stick media for back-up. If you copy
them back to your CLIÉ handheld, the identical files in your CLIÉ handheld will be
overwritten with the information at the time of back-up. Note that any added or
edited data in your CLIÉ handheld after the back-up will be erased.