GE JCP340 User Manual

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Cook meat and poultry thoroughly—meat to at least an INTERNAL temperature of 160°F and poultry 
to at least an INTERNAL temperature of 180°F. Cooking to these temperatures usually protects against
foodborne illness.
For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire or
explosion, electric shock, or to prevent property damage, personal injury, or loss of life.
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed, including 
the following:
Use this appliance only for its intended use
as described in this manual.
Do not attempt to repair or replace any
part of your cooktop unless it is specifically
recommended in this manual. All other
servicing should be referred to a qualified
Before performing any service, 
disconnect the cooktop power supply 
at the household distribution panel by
removing the fuse or switching off the
circuit breaker.
Be sure your appliance is properly installed
and grounded by a qualified technician in
accordance with the provided installation
Have the installer show you the location of
the circuit breaker or fuse. Mark it for easy
Do not leave children alone—children
should not be left alone or unattended in
an area where an appliance is in use. They
should never be allowed to sit or stand on
any part of the appliance.
Teach children not to play with the
controls or any other part of the cooktop.
Do not allow anyone to climb, stand or
hang on the cooktop.
Items of interest to
children should not be stored in cabinets
above a cooktop—children climbing on the
cooktop to reach items could be seriously
Always keep combustible wall coverings,
curtains or drapes a safe distance from
your cooktop.
Always keep dish towels, dishcloths, pot
holders and other linens a safe distance
away from your cooktop.
Always keep wooden and plastic utensils
and canned food a safe distance away from
your cooktop.
Never wear loose-fitting or hanging
garments while using the appliance.
Flammable material could be ignited if
brought in contact with hot surface units
and may cause severe burns.
Use only dry pot holders—moist or damp
pot holders on hot surfaces may result in
burns from steam. Do not let pot holders
touch hot surface units. Do not use a towel
or other bulky cloth. Such cloths can catch
fire on a hot surface unit.
For your safety, never use your appliance
for warming or heating the room.
Do not use water on grease fires. Never
pick up a flaming pan. Turn the controls
off. Smother a flaming pan on a surface
unit by covering the pan completely with
well-fitting lid, cookie sheet or flat tray. Use
a multi-purpose dry chemical or foam-type
Flaming grease outside a pan can be put
out by covering with baking soda or, if
available, by using a multi-purpose dry
chemical or foam-type fire extinguisher.
When flaming foods are under the hood, 
turn the fan on.
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