Panasonic SD-2500 User Manual

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Panasonic Test and Development Kitchen
Panasonic Consumer Electronics U.K.
A Division of Panasonic U.K. Ltd
Willoughby Road, Bracknell, Berks, RG12 8FP
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directive 2001/95/EC/Art.5
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Panasonic Corporation
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Power supply
230–240 V   50 Hz
Power consumed
505–550 W
(Strong flour for a loaf) 
max. 600 g min. 
(Strong flour for a dough) 
max. 600 g min. 
(Yeast) max. 
Capacity of raisin nut dispenser
max. 150 g dried fruit/nuts
Digital timer (up to 13 hours)
Dimensions (H 
 W  D)
(SD-2501) approx. 38.2 
 25.6  38.9 cm
(SD-2500) approx. 36.2 
 25.6  38.9 cm
(SD-2501) approx. 7.0 kg
(SD-2500) approx. 6.5 kg
Measuring cup, measuring spoon
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Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union
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Before Use
How to Use
How to Clean
Printed in China
Automatic Bread Maker
Model No. 
Thank you for purchasing this Panasonic product. 
  Please read these instructions carefully before using 
this product and save this manual for future use. 
  These operating instructions are intended to be 
used for two different models. The explanations 
inside mainly focus on the SD-2501 model.  
(See P. 2 for the differences in functions between 
the two)
  This product is intended for household use only.

Summary of Contents of user manual for Panasonic SD-2500

  • Page 1Specification Automatic Bread Maker Power supply 230–240 V 50 Hz OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECIPES (Household Use) Power consumed 505–550 W...
  • Page 2 Contents Safety Instructions Please make sure to follow these instructions. In order to prevent accidents or injuries to the...
  • Page 3:  Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Warning Caution Discontinue using the appliance immediately and unplug in the unlikely event that Do not use...
  • Page 4 Accessories/Parts Identification Main Unit Control Panel  Operation status Raisin nut dispenser (SD-2501 only) : displayed for the current...
  • Page 5 Bread-making Ingredients Water Main Flours Used in Bread Flour  Use normal tap water.  Use tepid water if...
  • Page 6:  Accessories/Parts Identification List of Bread Types and Baking Options  Function Availability and Time Required •Time required for each process will...
  • Page 7 Baking Bread Turn to P.22-27 for bread recipes Place the ingredients in the bread pan Set the program and...
  • Page 8:  Bread-making Ingredients When adding extra ingredients Baking Brioche Yeast 11⁄4 tsp Strong White Flour 400 g (14 oz) Sugar 4 tbsp...
  • Page 9 Making Dough Making Brioche Dough Turn to P. 30–35 for Turn to P. 35 for dough recipes dough recipes...
  • Page 10:  List of Bread Types and Baking Options Baking Cakes Making Jam Turn to P. 36–39 for Turn to P. 40 for cake recipes jam recipes ...
  • Page 11 Making Compote Recipe Contents Bread Recipes White Loaf ······························· 22 Wheat Germ Loaf ···················· 22 Malted Fruit Loaf······················ 23...
  • Page 12:  Baking Bread Bread Recipes White Loaf Milk Loaf Brown Loaf Curry and Mango Loaf Menu ‘01’ (4hr-4hr 5min) Menu ‘01’ (4hr-4hr...
  • Page 13 Bread Recipes [04 Whole wheat] Rapid Wholemeal Loaf 70% Pesto and Pine Nut Loaf Onion Loaf Malted Brown Loaf...
  • Page 14:  When adding extra ingredients Bread Recipes [08 French] (SD-2501) French Rustic French [11 Brioche] (SD-2501) Basic Brioche Pannettone Menu ‘08’ (SD-2500: ‘07’) (6hr)...
  • Page 15:  Baking Brioche Gluten Free Recipes [01 Basic] Gluten Free Bread [12 Gluten Free] (SD-2501) Before making gluten free bread Glutafin Gluten...
  • Page 16:  Making Dough Dough Recipes Rolls Granary® Dough Viennese Rolls  Select one of the following recipes and follow the method below....
  • Page 17:  Making Brioche Dough Dough Recipes Rye and White Rolls (SD-2501 only) Chelsea Buns Croissants Soft Rolls/Baps Stage 1 Culture : Menu ‘22’...
  • Page 18:  Baking Cakes Dough Recipes Dough for Tear & Share Bread Picnic Tear & Share Bread Brioche Dough (Chocolate Chip Brioche Roll)...
  • Page 19:  Making Jam Cake Recipes Apple and Ginger Cake Menu ‘15’ (SD-2500: ‘14’) (1hr 5min) Butter 100 g (4 oz) Banana and...
  • Page 20:  Making Compote Cake Recipes Hazelnut and Honey Loaf Menu ‘15’ (SD-2500: ‘14’) (1hr) Butter 175 g (6 oz) 5 Place the...
  • Page 21:  Recipe Contents Jam Recipes Compote Recipes [26 Jam] (SD-2501) [27 Compote] (SD-2501) [24 Jam] (SD-2500) [25 Compote] (SD-2500) Strawberry Jam Plum...
  • Page 22: Milk Loaf Care & Cleaning Before cleaning, unplug your Bread Maker and allow it to cool down. Lid Dispenser lid (SD-2501...
  • Page 23: [05 Whole wheat Rapid] Wholemeal Loaf 50% Troubleshooting Before calling for service, please check through this section. Problem Cause  Action Problem Cause  Action [All...
  • Page 24: Maple and Pecan Nut Loaf Troubleshooting Before calling for service, please check through this section. Problem Cause  Action Problem Cause  Action I...