Monster Power MP HTS 1600 Surge Protector 109807 User Manual

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 WARNING – Power Cord Safety
A.  When routing your PowerCenter’s AC power cord, do not place it near heavy foot traffic areas 
(e.g., hallways, doorways, and floors). Do not create a trip hazard with the power cord. 
B.  If your power cord’s protective jacket begins to rip or fray, exposing the internal wiring, shielding, etc., disconnect it 
from the power source and discontinue use of the Monster PowerCenter immediately. See the Warranty Information 
section of this owner’s manual for important details.
WARNING – Storm Precautions
In the event of a lightning storm, it’s always a good idea to disconnect your Monster PowerCenter; there is no need 
to disconnect your separate components. Make sure that ALL of your components and PC products are protected 
with Monster Power.
 WARNING – No User Serviceable Parts Inside
If, for any reason, your PowerCenter is not operating properly, do not remove any part of the unit (cover, etc.) 
for repair. Unplug the unit and consult the Warranty Information section of this owner’s manual for important details.
 CAUTION – Exposure To Heat
Do not expose your PowerCenter to direct sunlight or place it near wall heaters, space heaters, or any enclosed space 
prone to temperature increase.
 CAUTION – Proper Cleaning
In general, the only cleaning necessary for your Monster PowerCenter is a light dusting. Unplug your component from 
the wall before cleaning it. Do not use any type of liquid or aerosol cleaners.