Russound ACT1 Triggered Outlet 9500-115592 Data Sheet

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The Russound ACT-1 is a voltage-triggered
switched AC outlet for power management of
source components and other devices. It controls
power to a single device from its own receptacle or
multiple devices through a power strip.
This is particularly useful for controlling the power
state of sources for multiroom systems that do not
provide programmable power management, such
as the Russound CAA, CAS, and A-BUS
The ACT-1 uses a 12 VDC signal from the trigger
output of a receiver or multiroom audio controller
or from a 12 VDC power adapter connected to a
switched AC outlet to operate its internal switch.
When the trigger voltage is present, the switch 
provides power to the outlet.
The outlet's 10-amp switching capacity is protected
by a resettable circuit breaker. For greater control
and flexibility, the ACT-1 provides a convenient loop
output to feed the signal to other triggered devices
such as a TV lift or projector screen.
The ACT-1 includes a detachable power cord for
US-style AC power receptacles.
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