Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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If Something Goes Wrong
Keyboard problems
For more information on maintaining battery power, see 
Keyboard problems
You have connected an external keyboard and the operating 
system displays one or more keyboard error messages.
You may need to update your keyboard driver. Refer to the 
documentation that came with the keyboard or to the keyboard 
manufacturer's Web site.
The keyboard you connected may be defective or incompatible with 
the computer. Try using a different make of keyboard.
Display problems
Here are some typical display problems and their solutions:
The screen is blank.
Display Auto Off may have gone into effect. Press any key to 
activate the screen.
If you are using the built-in screen, make sure the display priority is 
not set for an external monitor. To do this, press 
. If this does 
not correct the problem, press 
 again to return the display 
priority to its previous setting.
HINT: Pressing the 
 key combination several times will 
advance through the display options.
If you are using an external monitor:
Check that the monitor is turned on.
Check that the monitor’s power cord/cable is firmly plugged 
into a working power outlet.
Check that the cable connecting the external monitor to the 
computer is firmly attached.
Try adjusting the contrast and brightness controls on the 
external monitor.
 to make sure the display priority is not set for the 
built-in screen.
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