Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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5.375 x 8.375 ver 2.3
The product specifications and configuration information are 
designed for a product Series. Your particular model may not have 
all the features and specifications listed or illustrated. For more 
detailed information about the features and specifications on your 
particular model, please visit Toshiba’s Web site at 
While Toshiba has made every effort at the time of publication to 
ensure the accuracy of the information provided herein, product 
specifications, configurations, prices, system/component/options 
availability are all subject to change without notice. For the most 
up-to-date product information about your computer, or to stay 
current with the various computer software or hardware options, visit 
Toshiba’s Web site at 
This guide
This guide introduces the computer's features as well as some basic 
procedures needed to perform tasks in Windows 8. You can:
Read the entire guide from beginning to end.
Skim through and stop when a topic interests you.
Use the table of contents and the index to find specific 
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