Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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Getting Started
Selecting a place to work
For more specific recommendations on the safety and comfort of 
your computer environment, customers in the United States may 
visit the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & 
Health Administration Web site at: 
Check list
Is your chair comfortable - does it support your back and arms 
Are your feet flat on the ground?
Is there adequate space under your desk for your legs?
Are the keyboard and mouse at elbow level?
Are your shoulders relaxed when using the keyboard?
Are your shoulders relaxed when using a mouse or other 
optional pointing device?
Are your hands and wrists aligned in a comfortable, straight 
Are your arms supported in the forearm area (not at the wrist)?
Do you hold the mouse or trackball with a loose, relaxed hand?
Do you use a light touch when typing or using the mouse?
Do you clean your mouse or trackball regularly?
Is the top of your monitor close to eye level?
Is the monitor about an arm length away?
Have you eliminated the glare on the monitor?
Is the monitor tilted so that it is easy to read?
Do you change postures regularly?
Do you take breaks, at least once an hour?
Your computer is designed to provide optimum safety and ease of 
use, and to withstand the rigors of travel. You should observe 
certain precautions to further reduce the risk of personal injury or 
damage to the computer. 
Avoid prolonged physical contact with the underside or surface of 
the computer. 
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