Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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Mobile Computing
Monitoring main battery power
Please make a complete back up of your data to external media 
before discharging the battery. For more information, see 
Charging the RTC battery
Your computer has an internal real-time clock (RTC) battery. The 
RTC battery powers the System Time Clock and BIOS memory 
used to store your computer’s configuration settings. When fully 
charged, it maintains this information for up to a month when the 
computer is powered off.
The RTC battery may have become completely discharged while 
your computer was shipped, resulting in a CMOS error message 
during startup. The error message may vary by computer model.
Depending on your system, the RTC battery may only charge while 
the computer is turned on.
To recharge the RTC battery, plug the computer into a live electrical 
outlet and leave the computer powered on for 24 hours.
It is seldom necessary to charge the RTC battery because it charges 
while the computer is on. If the RTC battery is low, the real-time 
clock and calendar may display the incorrect time and date or stop 
When Hibernation mode is enabled and the RTC battery is 
completely discharged, a warning prompts you to reset the real-time 
The computer can be used while the RTC battery is being charged, 
although the charging status of the RTC battery cannot be 
Monitoring main battery power
The computer’s main battery light gives you an indication of the 
main battery’s current charge.
Glows amber while the main battery is being charged 
(AC adaptor connected)
Glows green when the main battery is fully charged
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