Toshiba Z930-S9311 User Manual

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Mobile Computing
Monitoring main battery power
Battery life and charge time may vary, depending upon power 
management settings, applications and features used.
Flashes amber when the main battery charge is low and it is 
time to recharge the main battery or plug in the AC adaptor
If the AC power light flashes amber during charging, either a battery 
pack is malfunctioning, or it is not receiving correct input from the 
AC power supply.
HINT: Be careful not to confuse the battery light (
) with the 
ON/OFF light (
), and the power button light near the upper-right 
corner of the keyboard.
When the ON/OFF light or power button light flashes amber, it 
indicates that the system is suspended (using the Windows
operating system Sleep command).
(Sample Illustration) Power and battery light locations
Determining remaining battery power
Wait a few moments after turning on the computer before trying to 
monitor the remaining battery power. The computer needs this time 
to check the battery’s remaining capacity and perform its 
System indicator lights
Battery light
Wireless indicator light
ON/OFF light
AC power light
eco Utility™ 
indicator light
*Available on certain models.
Wireless WAN 
indicator light*
Internal storage drive light
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