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Catalyst 2900 Series XL
The Cisco Catalyst
 2900 series XL is a full line of 10/100
autosensing Fast Ethernet switches from the leader in
networking that combines outstanding performance, ease of
use, and integrated Cisco IOS
software. The Catalyst 2900
series XL includes five models, each with different port
densities, configuration options, and pricing to meet a broad
range of network design requirements. Available in Standard
and Enterprise Editions, the software embedded in Catalyst
2900 series XL switches is upgradeable so your investment is
protected if your network grows or changes.
The 24-port Catalyst 2924M XL switch is an excellent
aggregation device, as well as the perfect solution for
providing dedicated 10- or 100-Mbps bandwidth to
individual users. The 12-port Catalyst 2912MF XL switch is
ideal for aggregating small and mid-sized campus networks
over 100BaseFX fiber connections. The two versatile module
slots of the Catalyst 2912MF XL and Catalyst 2924M XL
provide expansion capabilities, higher-speed connectivity,
and support for feature modules, allowing you the flexibility
to upgrade your network and preserve your initial
investment. The 12-port Catalyst 2912 XL, 24-port Catalyst
2924 XL, and Catalyst 2924C XL switches are ideal for
delivering low-cost, high-performance, and 10- or 100-Mbps
bandwidth to individual users and servers.
High-Performance Desktop Connectivity (10/100 to the Desktop)
The Catalyst 2912 XL, Catalyst 2924 XL, Catalyst 2924C
XL, and Catalyst 2924M XL can all be deployed as
high-performance solutions to provide 10/100 bandwidth
directly to the desktop. The Catalyst 2912 XL and
Catalyst 2924 XL offer the lowest price per port in a
fixed configuration. The Catalyst 2924C XL contains
two 100BaseFX ports for networks that need to deploy
high-performance 100-Mbps desktop connectivity over an
extended distance (up to 2 kilometers) with fiber-optic
cabling. The Catalyst 2924M XL switch accepts 10BaseT/
100BaseTX and 100BaseFX expansion modules today and a
broader range of uplink modules in the future. All Catalyst
2900 XL products support the aggregation of multiple ports
via Fast EtherChannel
 to provide redundant, high
bandwidth connections between switches, servers, and other
key network stations.
Figure 1
The Catalyst 2912 XL, Catalyst 2924 XL, Catalyst 2924C XL and Catalyst
2924M XL for High-Performance Desktop Connectivity
Enterprise Workgroup and Server Aggregation
The Catalyst 2924M XL will be deployed in wiring closets
to aggregate workgroup networking devices such as Fast
Ethernet hubs, Ethernet hubs and switches, and workgroup
servers. Fast EtherChannel technology allows customers
to logically ‘bond” multiple Fast Ethernet links, creating a
high-capacity uplink to the corporate or campus backbone.
Future high-speed modules will allow customers the
flexibility to upgrade their networks and preserve their
initial investment in the Catalyst 2924M XL.
2924C XL
10/100 Workstations
Catalyst 8500, 5500,
and 4000 Series
Enterprise Switches
Fast EtherChannel