Fujitsu NH570 User Guide

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114 - Glossary
Dual-in-line memory module.
A spinning platter of magnetic data storage media. If the platter is very stiff it is a hard drive, if it is 
highly flexible it is a floppy disk, if it is a floppy disk in a hard housing with a shutter it is commonly 
called a diskette.
Disk Drive 
The hardware which spins the disk and has the heads and control circuitry for reading and writing the 
data on the disk.
A floppy disk in a hard housing with a shutter.
Direct Memory Access. Special circuitry for memory to memory transfers of data which do not require 
CPU action.
Desktop Management Interface. A standard that provides PC management applications with a 
common method of locally or remotely querying and configuring PC computer systems, hardware and 
software components, and peripherals.
Domain Name System. A function to control the association between the IP address and the name 
assigned to the computer. If you do not know the IP address but if you know the computer name, you 
can still communicate to that computer.
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